Privacy Policy of Return Times

Privacy Policy

Greetings it Return Times privacy policy. Before taking any action Return timers should scroll down and give attention to everything that is written down below. Now the most important part is your security and our reliability. The reason behind writing this privacy policy is clearing all the confusion that you can face in the future. So by this privacy policy, we will give a clear point of view about Return Times. By reading this you will know so many things like how we collect then used and shared information through services such as mobile sites or online, application. Everyone should abide by the privacy policy it doesn’t matter if the user is register here or not by the time you become the user of the site the rules will be applied to you. So you all should read it carefully.

What kind of information do we collect?

Information is key to all the news sites as all the relationships and works are highly dependent on information we collect from our users or another source. The more information we have the more secure we will be. So the information is very important for us and the information we collect is-

Information regarding registration: In order to become part of Return times you have to go through registration procedures for that users should provide us information like email address, name, gender, birth date, etc. If you register here we will collect all the information that is given by you.

Information provided by users: Because the vast size of the audience often seems eager to provide news from their knowledge and even some users to promote different kinds of things on the site that is why we take information from our users. Sometimes we can even ask for information on different things like demographic information or others. But if they violate the rules of copyright they are on their own
Return Times has nothing to do with it.

Source of information: For the satisfaction of the authority and purity of the information sometimes we need to know if the source is safe or not. Besides nothing is better than investigation and there is positive side to this we will be able to extend our source of information and present it in more correct way.

Information regarding users: Return Times always eager about its users. It always collects the reaction of its users. It keen to know what its users like, what they don’t like, how they comments, how they react, what kind of information they provide, how they present their news if they are copying things or not. This information used for the improvement of the site and also building better relationships with the peoples by proving the information they are looking for. We even collect information to complete all the procedures of registration.

What do we do with the information?

The rules say the moments you give something to someone that person owes you an explanation, and Return times would never break the rules. We shall not keep anyone in darkness or confuse things, as they are already tangled with so many thoughts. We work to detangle things and erase all the confusion. So now we will mention our activity after getting all the information from our readers.

  • We ranked news based on their popularity so that users can get more of their much-awaited news.
  • All the articles you read can provide intimate details about your interests, your work, and your personal life to make everything easy to find.
  • We will let you know about things like news, videos, music, etc that you are interested in by notifications.
  • To make peoples parts of the site.
  • We also collect all the information to fill up the registration.
  • We even track your location for providing correct information according to based on your location.
  • By this information, we can investigate user’s requests and contents they add.
  • We try to confirm if we are getting the right information.
  • Using the information we often open accounts for users.
  • We permit your connection with Returns times.
  • To protect both yours and the rights of the site.


Return Times cover all possible ways of security and take action to provide safeguard all the information technically, personally and even physically. We hold SSL certified security so we need not worry about anything else. In order to keep your data safe, we take all possible steps. We even keep our software up to date, clean it often, Use SSL encryption on our pages, maintain backups of our website files in case site become inaccessible or data get lost, even regularly perform web security scans to check for website and server vulnerabilities but users need to be supportive too. Users can support us by becoming careful about the password you are using even after all this if you are not convinced and think of unauthorized then feel free to contact us by sending an email.

Access and control that we provide

In order to get access and control of promoting, reviewing, correcting, updating, sending news, videos you need to send us an email first, with proper information like email address, name, address, telephone number. You have to point out clearly what kind of service you need. You need to choose what piece of information you want to update, correct, review, etc. After all this thing is done properly we will let you know as soon as possible. Then you will be able to get your access to our site.

Maintain your sensitive information

It is impotent to maintain your sensitive information so don’t send us any sensitive information that is only given to you or harm your security, so you should be aware enough to keep your password safe. We are suggesting you not to share any sensitive information but still if you want to send that information we will protect it as we have standard security protocol to keep your information safe.

Thank you for your attention