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Jack Dorsey has revealed to get verified on Twitter (kinda)

There are few questions I get extra typically from journalists and different Nieman Lab readers than this one: How do I get verified on Twitter? Saved might not take checks anymore, however that blue verify remains to be precious forex on social media. Whereas it’s supposed to merely point out that Twitter customers actually are who they are saying they’re, it’s come to symbolize much more. Typically it’s a profession and even life purpose:

It is time. A 2020 purpose is to be verified on Twitter, any thought how?? 😂

— Tim Schofield (@qbking77) January 11, 2020

my purpose in life is to grow to be verified on Twitter or have somebody verified observe me… @jimmyfallon please? thanks a lot!!

— skipper rocks (@addyg117) January 7, 2020

My one purpose in life is to be verified earlier than @yugioh will get verified

— Brutal Koopa Child (@YourPalCorn) January 7, 2020

My solely purpose in life is to get verified. Idc what app I simply need a verify mark that’d be dope

— jake🎒 (@nhlwake) January 8, 2020

Typically it’s a privileged caste, “the blue checks,” a NYC/DC social media elite that isn’t as vivid because it thinks:

Blue checks altering their Twitter bios from Russian professional to Ukraine professional to Center East professional


— Adam Townsend (@adamscrabble) January 9, 2020

I am already trying ahead to all of the tweets from blue checks wishing for Yang to be on the talk stage as a result of it is much less enjoyable with out him there

— Hambone Fakenamington🧢🦵 (@2theLeff) January 11, 2020

The actual fact royals choose out of an hereditary aristocracy to launch some direct-to-consumer, spun-bullshit, goop-style way of life model is actually fairly telling in its social hierarchy implications.

It is the triumph of the blue checks over the blue bloods.https://t.co/FEovSnvu2s

— Antonio García Martínez (@antoniogm) January 10, 2020

Sure, the #NeverWarren factor is a bit tousled. I might by no means vote for her in a main, however GE is completely different. However I want blue checks had the identical vitality to defend Kamala when terrible hashtags about her trended final 12 months & earlier than. Berners made NeverKamala a factor earlier than she even ran…

— jen méndez (@jenmendez_) January 15, 2020

And that is how Twitter ends.

The blue checks received. They by no means actually needed you to discuss to them. I recommend unfollowing. https://t.co/bR3UhTIFjY

— Russian Asset Stacey (@ScotsFyre) January 8, 2020

A part of the curiosity in verification got here from the truth that the method is so opaque. When @NiemanLab bought verified in 2012, it simply…occurred. No utility, no nothing — the blue verify simply confirmed up someday. When the entire Nieman Lab staff got verified in 2014, we had to ship in an Excel spreadsheet (!) with everybody’s Twitter handles in it.

.@niemanlab is now a verified account! Apparently, 92,741 followers is the cutoff.

— Joshua Benton (@jbenton) August 17, 2012

In 2016, Twitter put up an online form the place you could possibly request verification, however it put that “on hold” a 12 months later.

So what’s a thirsty tweeter to do?

CEO Jack Dorsey was requested that query in a video just published by Wired, by which he solutions a variety of questions from Twitter customers. The Verge famous that, in one among his replies, Dorsey says there probably won’t ever be an Edit button on Twitter, alas. However they appear to have ignored this change, six minutes and 21 seconds in. Dorsey is answering a question from @logmey92 (Logan Meyer) that was requested just a few weeks in the past:

How does one purchase the illustrious verify mark on twitter?

— Logan Meyer (@Logmey92) December 9, 2019

Dorsey’s reply:

There’s a man named Kayvon, and he handles all of the verification, which is the blue checkmark. So in case you both DM him, or point out him, you’ve got a excessive likelihood of getting a blue checkmark. So it’s @Okay-A-Y-V-Z. Verification, he’s the verification god. So simply go to him and he’ll get you sorted.

The “man named Kayvon” is Kayvon Beykpour, beforehand co-founder of Periscope and at present Twitter’s head of product. He was at CES talking about the future of Twitter just a few days in the past.

I’m going to exit on a limb and say that Twitter’s head of product is a fairly busy fellow and never the particular person making granular choices on who will get a blue verify and who doesn’t. So I strongly suspect Jack is enjoying slightly prank on his colleague by making his DM inbox and mentions completely ineffective.

One clue is that the man named Kayvon has favored these three tweets:

Lol hello @kayvz . I am sorry for the torment @jack simply unleashed on you.

— Kill it with 🔥 (@D41XY) January 14, 2020

Regardless of what @jack says, @kayvz

CAN’T get you verified the remainder is true although https://t.co/dzXIkVdA8s

— Brandon Borrman (@bborrman) January 14, 2020

Stay shot of @kayvz pic.twitter.com/SyalLmCQJ3

— Brandon Borrman (@bborrman) January 14, 2020

And responded to that final one with this gif:


— Kayvon Beykpour (@kayvz) January 14, 2020

And adjusted his Twitter bio to: “product lead @twitter & co-founder of @Periscopeco. SORRY I’M NOT THE “VERIFICATION GOD” AND WON’T BE ABLE TO VERIFY YOU.”

However that hasn’t stopped the committed masses from knocking on his door:

@kayvz sooooooo verification god…. am i able to get verified

— kaleb (@digitalkaleb) January 14, 2020

@kayvz Can be actually cool if u may lay ur fingers on me so I might be verified.

— Dr_Rager (@blanosBthanos) January 15, 2020

@kayvz mr. Dorsey mentioned you’re the person to discuss to.

— THE REAL Mike V (@mikeyvern246) January 15, 2020

However critically, who’re you gonna belief? Multi-billionaire Jack Dorsey, CEO of two publicly traded corporations and man who meditates for two hours a day? Or “a man named Kayvon”? DM away, I say.

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